Thursday, May 25, 2006

What I've learnt as a blogger......part.1

I'm fairly new as a blogger, and wanted to write a few blogs on how I started and what I have done as a blogger. This is in no way the 'definitive way'.
To begin with I read Rebecca Blood's excellent book on blogging called The weblog handbook. The book underline's many obvious points, like research when you write a blog, check spelling, and make sure you write what you enjoy. She also discusses that you should not get to concerned about how many people are reading you and also blogging etiquette. This is a book I will also review at a later date.

I also read another two blogs about blogging. Firstly, Guy Kawasaki's The 120 Day Wonder: How to Evangelize a Blog. I certainly would recommend reading this to even long-term bloggers. Kawasaki's idea's are simple and basic. Things like answering other people's enquiries may seem obvious, but they do need underlining. Also, his idea on making your blog easy to join through feedburner or feedblitz
, are simple idea's too.

A second blog of interest is AMY GAHRAN: The Right Conversation: Strategic Commenting: No blog is an island. This has some idea's such as :-


After you've gotten familiar with these complementary blogs, watch for a new posting that inspires you to respond. Ideally, you'll have a unique, valuable angle or new bit of information or context to offer on that topic.'

And also her idea of responding to other bloggers comments certainly rings true. I still feel flattered whenever anyone responds to my posts. I feel I need to respond to any person or persons who have taken to to post me. It also links back to myself, aiding other users if they wish to read my blog.

This is just an introductory blog on blogging. In the next few days i'll be adding to this blog, looking at how I set up my blog and what I do to obtain news stories.


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