Friday, May 05, 2006

Serendipity.......the petrol of web 2.0 and Library 2.0

Serendipity? I love the word. The idea that you can make fortunate discoveries. Web 2.0 productions are continually amazing me how they do this.

An interesting idea of this was in a blog I was reading the other day. The article was by Elizabeth Lane, and described how she put up some photo's on Flickr. When she Tagged some pictures of her grandfather with his brothers, she was emailed inform her that the grandsomeone had looked under their family name on flickr and discovered there grandfather on their. Therefore Elizabeth Lane has now discovered a new family. That's amazing to me.

But how can it affect library 2.0? well, i think we all wanna make more 'surprise discoveries......I really think sites like flickr and Delicious can surprise us what we find......I feel that Opac systems in public libraries should be opened up, so people could see what other users look at after looking at a book......Or even a recommendation list like one finds on Amazon.

Web 2.0 products like I mentioned can really assist the end user. This is what libraries and Library 2.0 are there for end users.

As Picard says 'Make it so'.

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