Thursday, June 30, 2011

Out Of This World Science Fiction Exhibition at BL

I was reading Gary Green's blog recently, and his going to the British Library to see the Out of this world exhibition. For those who can go I'd really recommend it. There's books there by Margaret Attwood, Mary Shelley, Phillip K Dick, Alan Moore and Neal Stephenson. The exhition looked at Dystopia novels, utopian novels, time shifting novels and Virtual reality novels amongst others. If that doesn't interest you, Dr.Who's Tardis is there.

Monday, June 27, 2011

23 Things for Professional Development part 3. Consider your brand

As mentioned previously I have started on the 23 Things for Professional Development. The third part is entitled Thing 3: Consider your personal brand by Jo Alcock.
Anyway, its something I'll look into later.

The best of times, the worst of Times

Since working for over three years at Senate House Library, I've had the good fortune to work with someone called Jim Callaghan. Jim opened the library, sorted the tills out, moved the books to there area and other jobs. Not the most glamorous job, but one he'd done well for 27 years. In that time he'd seen the library change from having a tea urn and bar, to a streamlined machine. He'd seen people come and people go.
In July he was to retire, with a new gran daughter to take care of and time with the family. We'd already organised his last birthday present (a London Irish rugby shirt, a bottle of whisky and a book). When we gave it to him, he had tears in his eyes. He was going to miss this place on retirement.
We were organising a leaving do for him in July. To hear his stories and to see him smile. Unfortunately, Jim passed away on Saturday in his sleep. It's amazingly sad, but I'm so glad he had that birthday and to see him smile. Sometimes when I blog I forget works not all about gadgets and talk. Its often about the people you interact with. You'll be sadly missed Jim.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The beginning of the end for books?

There's a good article In the Guardian entitled Want to know print's future? It will cost you… looking at the impact of Ebooks on paper books? Robert McGrum,the author of the article says:-

The history of technology teaches that the printing press did not make the manuscript redundant, nor did the typewriter eliminate the fountain pen. Despite dire predictions, television did not kill radio. Technological change is discontinuous.

Work, Work, Work

I have mentioned previously I have a new role at Senate House. This means I'm working as part of the collection management. This means I'm helping move collections. A lot of lifting. A lot of moving. But its a change......

Monday, June 20, 2011

The British Library and Google in conjunction to release 250,000 books

A colleague pointed this article The British Library and Google to make 250,000 books available to all out to me. Wonder how long it'll take to complete the digitising for that?

Supercharge your CPD: 23 Things for Professional Development starts today

I've just joined Supercharge your CPD: 23 Things for Professional Development (which I found via here). Described as:-

23 Things for Professional Development, also known as cpd23, is a self-directed, self-paced, inclusive, practical and free online programme open to librarians and information professionals at all stages of their career, in any type of role, any sector, and from any part of the world. It encourages information professionals to explore and discover social media 'Things', including Twitter, RSS feeds and file-sharing, as well as other 'traditional' CPD routes, such as gaining qualifications, presenting skills and getting published. Participants will be asked to assess how each Thing can assist them in their professional development, and then to blog about each Thing and share their thoughts, views and expertise. The programme is completely informal and no prior knowledge or experience is expected or assumed.

The first part was to set up a blog. The second part was to investigate and comment on others. I am hoping to do the course even though my new job means i'm constantly busy.

British Library still to release out of date copyright books for Kindle

I was reading with some in A Kindle World blog and the article British Library Books Follow-up: Enhanced Versions on iPad with Option to Buy Printed Copies at Amazon
What happened on the British Library books?
. I had heard the British Library was to release these in February.
TUAW has reported though that Ipad has stolen a march on the kindle, by getting these books first. It also seems the Ipad App is only available in the USA. Thats so clever BL!

Monday, June 13, 2011

CILIP London: Voices for the Library: a new model for library advocacy at The Sekforde Arms Hashtag

As mentioned previously in this blog, Tom Roper will be talking at the Sekforde Arms. I mentioned in the post, that at the time there was no hashtag. Tom quickly responded by saying it might be worth using #vftlciliplond as the hashtag. Thanks Tom. I'm hoping to be there, but workuing until 6.00pm.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bow down before the Kindle

As mentioned previously I have a Kindle. I have bought a load of books which are:-
*The Man
*Lair of the White Worm
*Alan Moore: The Essential Guide to the Creator of watchmen, From Hell and V for Vendetta (Pocket Essential series)
*Lord Jim
*Nostromo, a Tale of the Seaboard
*The Works of H. Rider Haggard

I love my Kindle. Its actually making me read more. Its so simple to use to.

New job, new start

As mentioned previously, I've started a new job at Senate House Library. Tomorrow I offically move to that team, which means lots of moving books, collection movement etc. There was another job here, in which two colleagues went up for the job. One I'd worked with since I started and another who has been here for 18 months. I'd hope the girl I started with got it, but the other guy got it (who is a nice guy and very good). Anyhow, office tittle, tattle is VERY dull.

Women’s Institute to campaign for libraries via Cilip

The Women’s Institute to campaign for libraries. Anyhow, thats a pretty big organisation to be supporting CILIP campaign against public library closures.

Friday, June 03, 2011

A permanent role, a less permanent blog

Having not written on here for six or seven weeks, as I just didn't want to. I've also been busy getting a permanent role as Senate House library working within the collection management team. As a reward to myself I have now also bought a kindle. Therefore, I maybe cutting back on my blog entries. If you had not noticed already.