Monday, March 28, 2011

Library Advocacy event at Cilip

23 May Library Advocacy: Sharing and Learning from National and International Experiences. The event is on my birthday and £96.00 (so too expensive a present for myself, but for those interested, it might be worth a shot.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tim Wu at the RSA

I had the good fortune to here Tim Wu talk about his new book Master Switch at the RSA on wednesday. I did write about it on twitter under the following hashtag. The chair of the even was Tom Chatfield, author of Fun Inc. The Anyhow, after discussing the book and its main principles, the chair asked a few questions. The main preponderance of the discussion is whether information networks become monopolies (AT&T), closed systems (Apple) or need government to stop them stopping entrepeneurs opening up new markets because they are crushed by large ones.
The RSA is soon to release an MP3 of the event (check here for updates). I'd recommend the book to. Very interesting read.
Finally, thanks to Shane Dillion, who I had a nice chat with at the event. For a more in depth look at the event see the post here.

Nerdy Day Trips

(Found via here). Ben Goldacre has a blog post (and map) entitled nerdy daytrips. For those with a bit of geek in them it might be worth a look.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My 1st computer.....thirty years old

The BBC website has an article entitled ZX81 : Small blacl box of computing desire. Back in 1982 I got this as a Christmas present. The keyboard unresponsive, you had to move the memory back on the back, but my god I did love that computer.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Book to come......books to get

Having written previously of the book Googlization of everything, I've pre-ordered my copy which is due out on monday 07.03.11. Its been reviewed and looks a pretty good read.
Another book out soon is James Gleick's The Information : A history, a theory, a flood is due out 31.03.11 and reviewed here. Information overload, don't you just love it?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tim Wu book and Terry Gilliam

As mentioned previously, I'm going to see Tim Wu discuss his new book The Masters Switch. I'm presently reading the book (and highly recommended). Whilst reading the book on one chapter it discusses the invention of the Hush -a-phone sold by Harry Tuttle. Harry was stopped by AT&T in the 1930's from selling this product (which kept phone calls private). AT&T monopoly meant that Harry Tuttle was stopped from selling this product, even though in court he had a young engineer called John Licklider pointing out that it worked and caused AT&T no problems (for those who don't know Licklider you should read this.
But in the book Harry is a guy fighting 'the man' (or AT&T), just like the character Harry Tuttle in Terry Gilliam's great film Brazil.