Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rory Litwin's blog

Read a great post on Rory Litwin's blog, called The Central Problem with Library 2.0. I was forwarded by a friend, and discusses how the more early uptakers of the Library 2.0 are sometimes forgetting a central tenet of librarians and librarianship, privacy. Litwin discuss' how many of the social networking site's although useful tools are not without there problems when it come's to privacy. He underline's this point in that Rupert Murdoch has access to content users information when using myspace. Litwin reminds us that some people's evangelism can be them from seeing other problems. But check it. Its a very good read.

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Paul Miller said...

Rory does make some good points but, as I discussed on panlibus, we are in danger of using 'privacy' as an excuse not to progress.

It is not the library's place to censor the ways in which a user can interact any more than it is the library's place to censor the information they read.