Wednesday, December 17, 2008

US NOW film review

I recently wrote a film I was going to see called US NOW. I went to see this last week. The film dealt with the web 2.0 economy. They interviewed people like Clay Shirky and Don Tapscott and other organisations that are part of the web 2.0 economy. The film was ok, nicely shot and everything, but yup the wisdom of crowds being the saviour of the world is slightly irksome and cliqued. Obviously other writers have criticised this view. I really despise this idea that the web is making people able to join groups and create new communities. The mumsnet look liked a middle class mothers union
. Only people with internet access can join and this is what this documentary skirted over.
There have been other review of the film. There is also a video report including an introduction to the film. I am found on the video report 97 seconds in.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love my ipod touch

I am loving my Ipod Touch. I am on the Applications all the time. Downloaded Classic books application, which is fantastic. I'm off to read Huck Finn. I am also enjoying being with my girlfriend.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Facebook continued from David Lee King

David Lee King has another interesting article on how to use facebook. He has some really great ideas on there.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Online information starts tomorrow

Due to a busy work schedule (and not having £600), Online information starts tomorrow. Clay Shirky is talking and there seem many interesting events that are occuring.

A free film at Nesta

Found via Wikinomics, there is a film being shown at Nesta next week called US NOW (10.12.08). For those who have read wikinomics its well worth going (i'm there, is that not reason enough?) The film looks at the affect of the collaborative economy brought about via the web.

Mash up continued

Having briefly discussed the mash up at birkbeck last week, I was great impressed and frustrated in equal measure. Impressed in Owen Stephens organising the event, with some great talks, especially from Tony Hirst discussion and use of Yahoo pipes and google docs and how to utilize them.
My disappointment comes in not staying for the afternoon session to utilise what I had learnt from the talks beforehand. Unfortunately I had not booked time off work to do this. For those who went, I had a very enjoyable time (and a lot of coffee). For those who diddn't, here are a few links from those those who went (1, 2 & 3).
Also, thanks to David Flanders, who went and informed us about JISC's developer Happiness Days in London Feb 9-13 2009‏.