Friday, May 12, 2006

Social searching and my wikipedia entry

I have recently been reading a lot of Helene Blowers blog Lib tech bytes, and especially her articles on social searching. I therefore did some research on social searching and added a wikipedia entry. Anyhow, please check this out and change it if you feel my view is incorrect.

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Helene Blowers said...

Wow- I feel honored and on Wikipedia too! I have big interest inthis area too and feel that libraries need to seriously consider joining in the social searh effort and becoming information "buddies". Google just announce Google Coop - which I believe somewhat falls along the same lines. However you might wat to look at the context of the quote you selected for although there is a big connection between the two, I think it matches more closely with my ideas of info literacy. I'm glad to see thoughts bubbling up everywhere. I'll see what I can add to your wikipedia entry soon.