Monday, May 15, 2006

Banning Social Networks in the USA.......well thinking about it

It seems that House Republicans Target Social Networking Sites With Bill. Seem's that there's talk that sites like myspace may not be allowed to be used at schools. Will Richardsons blog has pointed out that IF this act goes through, kid's will not be able to enter wiki's, blogs online gaming sites in the USA. The reason for this is so as to stop online predactors being able to gain access to childrens social network files at whilst at school.As yet this has NOT been entered onto the statue books (and is pretty far from it). Obviously, this would be worrying if it was to enter the statue books,as social networking sites are instrumental in people communicating on the web. Anyhow, its interesting how the republicans seem to want to quiten the kids down. I think THE WHO tune comes to mind, THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT.

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