Thursday, November 23, 2006

Liszen trends open's on beta version.......

Just tried out Garrett's new beta version of trends on liszen. Having spoken about it previously (here and here), i'm glad it's coming together.
It need's a few tester's, so if you have time go to Libraryzens link here.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Keeping tabs on social software and media

A new blog I recently added to my bloglines, is by Stephen O'hear over on Zdnet on social media, with the tag line of 'Keeping tabs on social software and media'. Has some interesting idea's, especially the on on microsofts new mp3 player, the zune.

Open Source Podcast

I was recently sent a link of a class from Berkeley University, which deals with Open Source. The link is here, and just put on my Ipod nano (which is my new 'love object'). Check the link out. As my course on the new semester is on open source its well worth a look.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Book Mooch owner talking in London

The very nice John Buckman, the guy behind Bookmooch, is giving a talk at Truman Brewery, London this friday. Barcamp, the people who have instigated this describe it as:-
For those who don't have time to attend a full BarCamp, some of us have come up with MiniBar, a chance to snaffle some free beer while discussing p2p, Creative Commons, web applications, social networking and general Web 2.0 mayhem & fandango.
Unfortunately, I can't make it. Gutted. Really wanted to say thanks to John for sending Peter Morville's excellent Ambient Findability.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are Liszen the new Digg?

Having already spoken about Liszen (which describes itself as 'connecting you to 500 plus blogs within the library profession). On a new article on Library Zen (Garrett Hunford's other site/blog in conjunction Liszen) called
LISZEN: Submission, Recognition & Trends (OH My). Garrett is doing an excellent job, and has brought forward the idea of :-

'LISZEN: Trends (The Best for Last)

LISZEN is more of a library community archival tool than a source for new information. So why not create something that allows users to submit and vote on content in order to create a real-time/social library tool? That’s were LISZEN: Trends comes into play. I spent last weekend tweaking LISZEN: Trends and want some user input before it’s released. On November 22nd at 5 p.m. [EST] a form will be posted allowing users to request a sneak peak. You will have until midnight on November 28th to play with the site and follow a small set of testing instructions.'

This usability feature seems like Kevin Rose's Digg site, which is described as :-

'Digg is a news website with an emphasis on technology and science articles. It combines social bookmarking, blogging, and syndication with a form of non-hierarchical, democratic editorial control.'

This reminded me of another description of what Garrett MAY be doing. This is what wired has termed meganiche, described as:-

'Meganiche sites are often based on a mainstream topic, but they carve it into divisions that the market as a whole may barely recognize..........User-generated content is the Web-biz buzzword of the day, and meganiche sites tend to produce lots of it.'

Whatever label it is, this new idea sound wicked.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Job descriptions have no relevance

In my voluntary role at the library, ALL staff often get asked to assist users with computer queries. But, do I spend 40 minutes with one person setting up email? Or explaining to users why computers floppies no longer work? Its not the helping I (totally) mind, its the not having the answers that gets more frustrating......

Friday, November 03, 2006

DOPA and 30 positive things to do on social networking

I haven't written much on DOPA for a while, but walking paper sent me to a link regarding 30 Positive Uses of Social Networking. Tere a great article on a PDF file on how to use social networking in libraries.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shelfari adds Safari

I love alliteration. Anyhow, after my recent blog on social cataloguing, Shelfari have listened to me when I said:-

Shelfari...... isn't currently compatible with the Safari web browser.

It is now compatabilble with Safari so an email told me. Be nice if they added to there blog though.