Thursday, June 08, 2006

Content 2.0 : can brands be trusted, a head to head

This was a really interesting discussion. Made more interesting by my pen not working. whoops. Note to oneself. Takee more than 1 pen to a conference. the Shel Israel, who co-wrote Naked conversations and Alan Moore. They discussed the importance of collaboration in a debate format. Shel talked about how Jeff Jarvis blog against Dell had caused a downfall in sales by causing a conversation on the blogosphere (see earlier blog),and dell not responding. Seeing I was using a Dell, which refused to sign in to wi-fi, I could understand this (lol).
Alan Moore discussed how community based products can be built through mutual trust. He gave the example of lego. He noted how they allowed clients to build products for new designs. THE CLIENT HAS A VOICE AT LAST. Shel countered this by pointing out only LEGO could be used, and not others. Thats all my nots here. Shame, as Shel and Alan were both excellent advocates. Moral of the story so far.
1. take more than 1 pen.
2. Don't buy Dell.
3. Try and remember things next time.

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