Thursday, June 08, 2006

Content 2.0 : Bradley Horowitz

Bradley Horowitz, is VP of product strategy at Yahoo and was well worth the entrance fee. With Yahoo buying flickr and Delicious , and Yahoo's new myweb as a form of social searching (see previous post), this was bound to be good. Bradley spoke about tagging in flickr and quality content. Bradley discussed the idea of 'opening up' to core users and user groups, and how its hierarchial at the moment. Therefore, think of a blogosphere. Library crunch would be the top. Then you'd have 10 blogs like Reflective librarian amongst others, and then say a 100 other's like mine. By the way, this is my explaination of his hierarchy and not Bradley's. Yahoo wish to see us all have equal access. He feels the 'act of consumption is implicit' in us all. He then showed how the tagging in flickr has brought about a top 100 photo's which are open to all. He then spoke about some important aspects of social search. These are:-
1. user generated content.
2. the importance of tagging.
3. How user organised content is found serendipitily.
4. How flickr is integrated into all blogging software and 3rd party advertising.
5. User Developed functionality, for example exposed API.

He went on to talk about social search and FUSE. This would 'enrich peoples lives, by enabling them to find,use,share and enthuse[FUSE].' He proceeded to discuss social search and relevance to area. He took special note of Korea, in which Yahoo and Google have lost the search war to a Korean company, who write in Korean. They are, what he describes as 'capturing knowledge'. He then proceeded with Yahoo Knowledge. His stuff on social searching was really good, and the importance of tagging etc. If you ever get chance to hear him, go. A very fine talk.

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