Thursday, June 22, 2006

why do I do it? Life as a librarian (part-time)

As said on my profile, i'm currently working part-time as a librarian in my local library, so as to assist in my studies for a part-time masters degree in library and information studies. Anyway, i've now been doing this for nearly a year and been thinking, 'is it worth it?'
I honestly think it does not help my studies at all. But working in a public library does have some great things to offer. Learning basic social interaction with clients and dealing with complaints (the cluetrain is actually something I really like to do or at least see how other's handle it. What else is good? Seeing how other members of staff work with each other and use tools around them (and i'm talking pre-web 1.0 of speech, telephone and post). I also admire something else. How much most staff want to provide good services to there clients; heaven knows you sometimes wonder why with the abuse you can get from a MINORITY of users.I also like the people I work (and learn) from. They show the same politeness to me as a member of the public. And most of all about the job, I enjoy about the job, is the patrons I work for. I can't wait to go full-time.
I think I need to read some more Annoyed Librarian to have a reality check and get my quota of cyncism back.

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