Saturday, June 10, 2006

Content 2.0 : Matt Locke

Matt Locke from the BBC was the next up. He was there to discuss Folksonomies. I really was looking forward to this talk, as I love tagging as a classification system . First up, Matt mentioned a book of interest, called SORTING THINGS OUT. So thats now gone on my wish list. Matt discussed how the best of folksonomy is the low barriers of entry. He also said:-
'Folksonomies are only useful when nothing is at stake.'
He also gave another 6 reasons for why they work.
1. Future retrieval.
2. Contributing and sharing.
3. Attracting attention.
4. Playfulness and competition.
5. Self presentation.
6. Opinion of expression.

Matt then went on to quoted Rashmi Sinha said:-
'I strongly believe that for a social system to be successful it needs to serve selfish, individual motives.'

Matt then discussed how the bbc is used folksonomies, and discussed there Creative Archive Licence. He also felt that for folksonomies to work for major companies, they need to be whats termed 'content agnostic'. Meaning tagging shouldn't care who owns the content, which major companies find difficult to handle.

Matt's main point though was folksonomies should be playful. I agree.

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