Thursday, June 08, 2006

Content 2.0 : Forum, Content 2.0 & Marketing 2.0

After a short break, we proceeded with a forum that included such luminaries as Jamie Kantrowitz (, Hugh Mcleod, James Cherkoff. The panel was chaired by Michael Bayler. Obviously the forum was all very cluetrain, talking of the importance of consumers are not as important as people in the content 2.0 world. Hugh and Jamie discussed the importance 'disruptive technologies' such as blogging. Hugh used the blog of Jim Scoble For those unaquainted he's a leading voice from microsoft, and in the blogosphere his view is very much read. When Scoble started some people wanted him sacked, as they feared his voice may not follow microsoft party line. Scobel is now a brand himself if you think of it. Thankfully, Bill saw that this was far from the case. James on the other hand discussed something more personal in disruptive technology. James (who I felt hardly got enough microphone time), is an Arsenal soccer fan, and discussed a blog called Arseblog, and how it has obtained a cult status in this realm. He also discussed how Nike, in conjunction with the world cup have released a website called Joga in which you can make your own world cup team with any players, AS LONG THERE NIKE. Closed markets like this are not the way forward.
Jamie then finally spoke, about her job at myspace and what is doing. When she quoted Marshall Mcluhan, I knew I was bored. I really wrote some of her stuff down. But god, she really wasn't that good.
Hugh discussed how in aiding companies to Blog, that the word of mouth impact could be really useful. And the downside in flaming wars. How he'd work with different clients and the advice he gave. All excellent stuff. He also discussed how he worked for individual clients, as he felt 'shareholders are amoral'. There was more. But as per usual, I forgot it and was a slow writer. By the way, I really was interested in the myspace person, but I really felt she pul[led the party line, and brought nothing of interest to the discussion.

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