Saturday, November 13, 2010

Interviews and preparation Part.2

The day of the interview. Up at 6am for a 9am interview. Suit ready, lucky Vivian Westwood tie. Have a showers, shave and look my best. Then get to Cafe Nero nearby at 7.45am to do some last minute studies. 8.30am make a move to the where the interview to be there 15 minutes early.

I wait and was then shown round the library. The person showig me around had previously worked at Islington libraries. So we discussed people we knew and worked with. Its always a good idea to try an enamour yourself to other staff I feel, just in case the interview may ask what you were like. They could also be your future work colleagues.

I then had a fifteen minute test using my search skills via the library website. Fairly standard questions.

I then had the interview and after the test and preparation felt fairly confident. Questions ranged from what would you do if the system goes down and there is a line of people? A standard question dealing with how you work under pressure, how you prioritise and how you cope. Other questions were why I wanted to work there. Here I made a mistake in I didn't complement them on the web 2.0 youtube videos. I also was not too complimentary to my present work place (I said I felt slightly staid, which I do). Never be critical of work. It makes you look a moaner and you may do that at the new place. But predominantly I came over fairly well I felt. They even asked for my telephone number to inform me of their decisions.

I then asked my questions. One was what training I would need for the job. One of the interviewers said 'it doesn't look like you need any'. Not sure if that was a compliment, or I came over as a bit arrogant. That was a concern.

So that was it. After the interview I reflected on where I could have improved and where I did well. I was happy with my preparation and questions. I was concerned I may have come over as a bit arrogant (but that was due to my confidence).

Anyway, no news yet on the job.

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