Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How do you keep ahead of the library game?

In a recent post I discussed the new facebook page for librarians. In the four years or so of blogging, the way I've kept out to date has been via blogs. I've also used twitter to some degree to keep ahead. I did also occasionally pop into the library 2.0 ning site. I also created a daily google alert for the term library and library 2.0.
Anyhow, anybody else get there information any other way.


Library Web said...

Although Library Web is a site for UK public libraries, there is a feed for technology related stories (left nav. bar). Might be of interest. If anyone wants to set up a similar site for academic/school libraries then they are welcome to the code I use.

One way or another the site will with luck develop into a research tool for anyone wanting to research web culture :)

Gareth Osler

library2.0 said...

Cheers Gareth, I might look into that. I have used it previously on a few occasions.