Saturday, November 13, 2010

Facebook group for librarians

(Found via here). Brian Kelly blog post pointed out that Aaron Tay has created a facebook page for librarians called Library Related People Facebook group. I had heard of Aaron previously via his blog and the recently deceased Ning site for Library 2.0, in which he was a prominant member of the community.
Seems the site as growing, and as Brian says in the article:-

Will be more to do with the extent of Aaron’s professional network and his esteem in the library community.

Anyhow, its certainly worth a visit and good on you Aaron for creating it.


Aarontay said...


Thanks for your kind words. Even though there are currently 350 members, I'm still not sure what the outcome of this experiment will be, and as Brian Kelly mentions there are many channels available already.

library2.0 said...

Maybe so Aaron, but its always worth these experiments, just to see what sticks and what doesn't. An althoughthere are other channels, a variation in outlook is always good for any online or offline community.