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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Job interview that I didn't get

Had another interview at an academic library. Unfortunately I didn't get it. Wasn't really my best interview, so only disappointed in self. Oh well. Give me time to get on with the Wiki I started then.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog post on interview answers

The ACRL blog has a good post entitled Interview Questions Are A Two Way Street. Looks at interview questions you MAY get and how you should present yourself. Worth a look for those with those who may have interviews coming up.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Interviews and preparation Part.2

The day of the interview. Up at 6am for a 9am interview. Suit ready, lucky Vivian Westwood tie. Have a showers, shave and look my best. Then get to Cafe Nero nearby at 7.45am to do some last minute studies. 8.30am make a move to the where the interview to be there 15 minutes early.

I wait and was then shown round the library. The person showig me around had previously worked at Islington libraries. So we discussed people we knew and worked with. Its always a good idea to try an enamour yourself to other staff I feel, just in case the interview may ask what you were like. They could also be your future work colleagues.

I then had a fifteen minute test using my search skills via the library website. Fairly standard questions.

I then had the interview and after the test and preparation felt fairly confident. Questions ranged from what would you do if the system goes down and there is a line of people? A standard question dealing with how you work under pressure, how you prioritise and how you cope. Other questions were why I wanted to work there. Here I made a mistake in I didn't complement them on the web 2.0 youtube videos. I also was not too complimentary to my present work place (I said I felt slightly staid, which I do). Never be critical of work. It makes you look a moaner and you may do that at the new place. But predominantly I came over fairly well I felt. They even asked for my telephone number to inform me of their decisions.

I then asked my questions. One was what training I would need for the job. One of the interviewers said 'it doesn't look like you need any'. Not sure if that was a compliment, or I came over as a bit arrogant. That was a concern.

So that was it. After the interview I reflected on where I could have improved and where I did well. I was happy with my preparation and questions. I was concerned I may have come over as a bit arrogant (but that was due to my confidence).

Anyway, no news yet on the job.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who should head the library? Well certainly not a librarian

(Found via here). Saw this post by Dale Askey entitled Librarians leading libraries. The opening sentence starts:-

Consider this: if we librarians have a profession, then we are professionals. As such, if libraries are to be operated professionally, they need librarians and should be run by those most qualified, i.e.- librarians. Why then do so many elite institutions hire unqualified scholars to lead their libraries?

He then points out that Yale President Richard Levin had appointed Frank Turner to University Librarian, even though a historian. Adam has a pretty relevant point. Are there no librarians to take on this role? After the recent discussion on the Agnostic, Maybe entitled The Master’s Degree Misperception, I think to some degree our qualifications are perhaps rarely needed.

One final point, loved this comment on Dale's blog

Friday, September 03, 2010

Lisnews post on the need for a masters degree

Lisnews has a interesting post entitled The Master's Degree Misperception which looks at the need for librarian need for a masters degree (or as this is an American post an MLS degree).

The author puts forward the idea that:-

I’d like to imagine that I got an advanced degree so that checking out books would be a once in a while thing, not a regular gig.)

It is a disservice to the education, to the degree, and to the profession when the bulk of a librarian’s daily tasks could be performed by someone with a GED. It does not take a master’s degree to place a hold on a book, clear a copier, push in chairs, tell people they are being loud, shelve items, or other similar tasks. When librarians are seen doing this and then told there is an advanced degree requirement, there is a reasoning dissonance that occurs in the outside observer.

Well, although the author says he helps out on the desk etc, do many of us with degree's get the profession insist on a greater separation of duties?

Actually, no. Just because you have a masters degree does not mean you get to do the reference work, cataloguing or specialising. Many masters students in the UK certainly won't even get the most basic library roles. I remember the real wikiman, point out that his first jobs in libraries uasually asked for a minimum of 5 GCSE's but usually wanted at least degree's students, if not masters students.

I would love to be able to do more interesting things at my library, but my masters degree does not allow me to do that, as i'm doing shelving, photocopier repairs etc but i'm just happy to be able to work.

Monday, July 12, 2010

RSS for library jobs

(Found via here). Whilst reading this blog post I discovered the LIS New Professionals Network. In this new resource I discovered an excellent Yahoo Pipes device that searches for Library jobs in the UK.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Job tips for Librarians

Meredith Farkas has a great article entitled Tips for library job applicants in a tight market. Most of its pretty obvious, but in these days of struggling for jobs or considering a change of career its worth a read.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New blog for jobs

A site I use well regular for jobs is Jobs for info pros and really has a great twitter site for jobs. Well they've started a new blog to. Check it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Job promotions and possibilities......

I have recently gone for a job promotion at work, and thankfully have an interview on the 24th of November. Although I'm doubtful I'll get the role, I am taking the process seriously and trying to cram as much information as possible for the interview. Even if I don't get the role it will still be something I can add to my Cilip chartership portfolio.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I feel cheated.....

I've just been looking at filling out a job application for Kingston University, which is 73rd in the Guardian University league. I tried to open the job description but to no avail. Then I noted the following message on there website:-

If you are using a Mac computer you may experience compatibility issues. The issues could result in you not being able to submit your application online. We strongly recommend you click here to request an email pack.

How ridicolous is that? Are we still in 1999 in Surrey then?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Crowdsourcing for job applications

Since starting my own Wiki I have been interested in what I could add to it. I have thought of practical and web 2.0 idea's I could also add to it (i'm so last year I know).
Anyhow, since reading Tapscott's Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything. This book along with Jeff Howe's Book Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business and his Wired article. I was wondering how to use this practically, the crowdsourcing and wiki.
Therefore, my idea was whilst looking for jobs, to put my application forms up, give feedback and recieve updates from other people. The items could then be tagged, reference and used by other people and companies to use. I reckon it could be a winner (unless all my applications are rejected, no one gives feedback etc). I wonder why no one else has done it.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure if some people might see it as either a free dinner or plagarism to a degree. What do others of you think?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hi ho.....its off to work we uk library work websites

With the economic downturn in the uk, and those looking for jobs there seems little data on library job related websites that I know of. Therefore I thought i'd give my ratings and view on library related websites. First off, these are my opinions and that only.
1. Sue Hill. Based in London and Birmingham, I also thing they are a very good agency. Sue Hill did get me a job at Senate House, but this is not the only reason I thing they are good. They have a good search engine, they have a blog and provide a very good team of people to assist in getting a job. They'll look over your CV and give good advice. They also provide events like Credit Crunch lunches.
2. TFPL has a very corporate feel about its website. Its unfortunately not the easiest to navigate (unlike Sue Hill). Like Sue Hill he does have options on roles, but unlike them it does not allow to choose area's.
The website does have a blog, which is regularly updated, and it does give its temps courses to go to. Like Sue Hill, very good company.
3. Lisjobnet is part of Cilip, and is updated every two weeks. Again, another site thats easy to use and area based search. It does really have much of a social media like the two above. Again, very friendly company.
4. Aslib. The company says of itself 'Aslib is renowned as the world's leading corporate information management organisation.' It has an area search for jobs. Like the other three it also provides training courses. But no blog or social presence.
5. For Academic libraries there is Jobs. Again, it has a general search engine but not a pull down menu for areas. Regularly updated. No blogs or social media, but a useful site.
6. Weekes Gray is a northern based agency. Spoken to them and very nice. No social media on the site or a pull down menu for area search though.
7. Glen Recruitment is a london based job agency. Can search via amounts paid and not via area. No social media to speak of.
8. Jobs for information pros, is a search engines that adds major companies results (it uses Sue Hill, Glen Recruitment, Weekes Gray, and Tfpl amongst others). Has a good search engines, looks via different roles, area's and pay. Pretty good, but again no blog or social media.
9. Infomatch is again part of Cilip. Not the greatest search engine, and looks via temporary or permanent roles. I've been to there offices and very friendly. No social media.
10. Lisjobtemps is another Cilip based agency. Very new to the block and not really opened yet.
11. Reed is a good general search for library jobs.

Anyhow, anybody want to add anything it would be much appreciated.