Monday, January 11, 2010

Union protest at Belfast library closures

Unions In Belfast have protested at a plan to close up to 15 libraries in the Northern Ireland capital. The Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (NIPSA) said on there website:-

NIPSA intends to oppose the radical and wholesale dissemination of the public library provision in the Greater Belfast Area. It is appalling that only 9 months after the creation of the new NI Regional Library Authority that they are planning to remove 45% of the public library provision mostly in areas of high social deprivation. NIPSA is encouraging all library users, political representatives and other interested groups and parties to actively support the NIPSA campaign to oppose these radical cuts to library provision in the Greater Belfast Area.

Lets hope it get overturned like it did in the Wirral.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for running a post on this, I'm attending a community meeting next week and I'm getting involved in the campaign against these disgraceful closures!

library2.0 said...

carly, tell me how the meeting goes or if there has been any other ways the community are trying to stop this. Also, have you pointed the out to the good library blog? they MAY be able to help, as there quite vociferous on English closures......

Anonymous said...

Hi, the meeting went well, lots of emotive words spoken by library members and we got a feature on Radio Ulster the following day. Protests are being held at most libraries involved; I've set up a facebook group to keep people informed.

What is the good library blog you mention?