Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Cilip talk about finding your way around London

Today I went to an interesting talk with Cilip entitled Legible London: A Wayfinding System for London, with Tim Fendley from Applied Information Group.

The talk looked at :-

The Mayor wants everyone to walk more. But how do you get information on the easiest or quickest routes for navigating your way across London? Many visitors use the Tube map! Is that really the answer?

Tim discussed how 44.5% of peoples navigate through London to get to area's is via the tube map. Tim's company is looking how we can improve finding our may around London easily and walk more.

Tim was saying how our cognitive behaviour is to look for visual markers to find our way around (for example Selfridges at Oxford street is seen as a good marker). Also he discussed how at Tube's there are multiple exits which make finding the correct exit more difficult.

It was an interesting discussion about how this organisation is trying to change how people find there way around London.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading about this, thanks for blogging about it!

library2.0 said...

Thanks. Glad it was of some use.