Monday, January 04, 2010

New York times aricle on Apple Islate article

As many of you may know (or ignore to know) I am an apple fan boy, I read this New York Times article discussing Apple's alleged Islate.
The article was interesting when it stated the following:-

The iSlate will do lots of that stuff too, as well as basic computing. Critically it will also act as an electronic reader, like Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader.

Many people like their e-readers (not least because they save them from having to haul around books, newspapers and magazines) but I’ve yet to meet anyone who loves them. That’s the key. If a really great e-reader appeared, the market would explode. The e-reader is waiting for a killer product, just as the MP3 player was before Apple’s Ipod. Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player, it made such a sexy one that many more people wanted to buy it. That’s what it is promising to do again.

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