Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hi ho.....its off to work we go.....best uk library work websites

With the economic downturn in the uk, and those looking for jobs there seems little data on library job related websites that I know of. Therefore I thought i'd give my ratings and view on library related websites. First off, these are my opinions and that only.
1. Sue Hill. Based in London and Birmingham, I also thing they are a very good agency. Sue Hill did get me a job at Senate House, but this is not the only reason I thing they are good. They have a good search engine, they have a blog and provide a very good team of people to assist in getting a job. They'll look over your CV and give good advice. They also provide events like Credit Crunch lunches.
2. TFPL has a very corporate feel about its website. Its unfortunately not the easiest to navigate (unlike Sue Hill). Like Sue Hill he does have options on roles, but unlike them it does not allow to choose area's.
The website does have a blog, which is regularly updated, and it does give its temps courses to go to. Like Sue Hill, very good company.
3. Lisjobnet is part of Cilip, and is updated every two weeks. Again, another site thats easy to use and area based search. It does really have much of a social media like the two above. Again, very friendly company.
4. Aslib. The company says of itself 'Aslib is renowned as the world's leading corporate information management organisation.' It has an area search for jobs. Like the other three it also provides training courses. But no blog or social presence.
5. For Academic libraries there is Jobs. Again, it has a general search engine but not a pull down menu for areas. Regularly updated. No blogs or social media, but a useful site.
6. Weekes Gray is a northern based agency. Spoken to them and very nice. No social media on the site or a pull down menu for area search though.
7. Glen Recruitment is a london based job agency. Can search via amounts paid and not via area. No social media to speak of.
8. Jobs for information pros, is a search engines that adds major companies results (it uses Sue Hill, Glen Recruitment, Weekes Gray, and Tfpl amongst others). Has a good search engines, looks via different roles, area's and pay. Pretty good, but again no blog or social media.
9. Infomatch is again part of Cilip. Not the greatest search engine, and looks via temporary or permanent roles. I've been to there offices and very friendly. No social media.
10. Lisjobtemps is another Cilip based agency. Very new to the block and not really opened yet.
11. Reed is a good general search for library jobs.

Anyhow, anybody want to add anything it would be much appreciated.

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