Thursday, May 28, 2009

Using Twitter at academic conferences

(Found via ilibrarian). I was pointed to How People Are Using Twitter During Conferences in which the report says:-

“Microblogging at conferences seems to be an additional way of discussing presented topics and exchanging additional information. It is not limited to the face-to-face audience or the location of the conference. Microblogging rather allows virtually anyone to actively participate in the thematic debates. Our research shows that several conference speakers and attendees are using Twitter for various purposes. Communicating and sharing resources seem to be one of the most interesting and relevant ways in which one microblogs.”

I'm not a fan of twitter. I see the advantages, but find the noise to perplexing, but when I went to the Mash up at Birkbeck, I was surprised at how many people twittered at the conference. As the Oop north mash up is soon, I can see i'll ne twittering there myself.

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