Monday, May 11, 2009

Free is no longer the profitable business model

With the recent discussion by the uber media god, Rupert Murdoch, in which the guardian say:-

"The inchoate days of the internet will soon be over," Murdoch pronounced, citing an "epochal" debate in the industry. Having flirted with the idea of turning the Wall Street Journal website free before realising he had bought one of the world's few newspaper sites that makes money, Murdoch has come down in favour of online charging.

Murdoch seems to feel he can get people to pay. Its certainly been tried, and as knowledge worker points out 'business model for online news is broken.'

I reckon people will certainly not want to pay much, and as some journalist and Writers perhaps feel 'Free: The Future of a Radical Price: The Economics of Abundance and Why Zero Pricing Is Changing the Face of Business'.

I reckon Murdoch is correct in his assumption. Some payments have to be made, but they need to micro payments or items that can subscribe to them (like the Kindle). Unfortunately (for Amazon), Murdoch has rejected this idea of using the new Kindle.

It will be interesting how Murdoch's plan works. He's rarely backs a bad idea.

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