Thursday, May 14, 2009

Web 2.0 in Higher education

Over on Information Literacy meets Library 2.0 they have an article Higher education in a web 2.0 worldin which it discussed JISC Web 2.0 in Higher education report. The part I liked is when Goodwin says:-

At present use of Web 2.0 is patchy in HE and tends to be driven from the bottom up. Web 2.0 technology has not yet been fully exploited for student learning yet. As this develops in HE it will challenge some students who expect traditional delivery. Surely the role of HE is to challenge and provide opportunities for adapting - that's what tomorrow's students will require. This is where the usefulness of Web 2.0 for supporting constructivist educational practice comes into play.

Its totally true. I've often tried to implement these technologies at Senate House (1, 2 & 3. But thankfully some projects have come off. This has only been internally, but this has happened only internally. Small steps, but all in the right direction.

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