Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Does Professionalism extend to A major library employment agency?

Having started my new role (which lasts till the end of december), I was still looking for a position after I finished there. Therefore in looking on a library agency website, I noted a role I felt I suited. They asked for a cv on the website, which I sent. After a good few hours no response. So I rang them, to show some degree of keeness (it was a good job, so I wanted it). I spoke to the relevant person, who said my email had not arrived. THEN SHE CHECKED HER JUNK FOLDER. It was in there (first off, that made me feel tremendously undervalued and incredibly angry). As is the way, I kept my cool, asked if I could put myself forward and sending me more information on the role. She did (surprisingly).
I wrote back, said I liked the job, but lacked a few skills but was willing to learn would she put me forward.
Response. None.
I had to ring again. She was at lunch, and would contact me if anything occurred.
Response. None.
Now, most large library and non library agencies (1,2,3, have a professional attitude. Even if they do not have a role, they don't put your email in junk folders, ring you if you got nowhere in the position.
But this one (no names, but very large and so web 2.0 organisation they have a blog) feels they have no need to offer feedback. Well, thanks for nothing. Diatribe ends.
By the way, I had also rung them to see if a half day voluntary role was still available. It wasn't and they were taking it down friday. Funny, I just checked and its still there.

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