Friday, November 09, 2007

Shelfari gets shot down........

Librarything has brought to my attention that its inferior competitor Shelfari has been spamming people. Whom Tim Spalding(the owner of librarything) describes (via another source as this):-

in the words of the well-known blog Gawker, "basically social networking rapists."

I've noted also that Shelfari has been emailing me a lot lately and its very annoying (and something librarything NEVER does).

Hopefully, shelfari will stop it soon.


Josh said...

Josh from Shelfari here.

I just posted a fairly detailed explanation of the problem on Shelfari and how we fixed it last week.

Please take a minute read it and send me your feedback.

Thanks Library 2.0!


Josh said...

You will find the post here:

Steven Kent said...

"social networking rapists"...what could that possibly mean?

I ask this out of both ignorance of the context of the statement and also puzzlement of exactly what it could mean in real terms.

My view of shelfari is that people voluntarily join up and participate to whatever extent they want to (obviously). If they find it uninteresting they stop participating. I've joined and the only emails I get are directly related to things I am involved with on the site. Doesn't seem invasive to me (perhaps the situation was different in the past).

I looked at librarything very briefly and doesn't it cost money if you post more than a certain number of books? Lots of sites allow you to participate with no charge, I think even more as time proceeds. I can't see paying money to do there what I am happily already doing on shelfari at no charge. And yes, I may be unaware of things I can do on librarything that shelfari doesn't offer, but if that is the case, consider me blissfully ignorant.

The only consistent complaint I have of shelfari is that the site is slow overall.