Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reading on the way to work

Having started my new job has given me time to catch up on plenty of reading (1,2,3) I have just started The Devil's Cup, which looks at the history of coffee. As a blogger, I was interested in the London Coffeehouse's, especially Richard Steele, who created Tatler in one. The book quotes the coffeehouses of the time, who could be writing of bloggers when they says:-
Coffeehouses had made civilised conversation into a popular sport.


Michael said...

I recommend "The Coffee-house: A Cultural History" for a slightly different take on the history of Coffee.

Pete said...

Gah Michael beat me to it ;) I too recommend this book, as it looks at the coffeehouse and its role. I plan to look at other coffee history books soon, dealing with the commodity aspects as much as the cultural ones.