Monday, September 11, 2006

Is more blogging caused by excessive coffee in take?

Well, four in a day is a lot for me. Anyhow was Reading Jenny Levine's Blog entry on gaming in libraries. Seems she was in Holland and heard John Kirriemuir talk on gaming in libraries. She also provided his Powerpoint he gave. Its an interesting read for a powerpoint. It concludes as follows:-

Summary and pointers
Digital games used occasionally, but not much, in learning
Many people play them
Across many demographics
Mainstream form of entertainment
Instant response to trial and error (implications for teaching and learning)
Cognitive and neural changes and development
Encourages online exploration

Did I say “Play more games”…?

1. Preservation
2. Keep kids quiet in the library
3. Get people into the library
4. Circulating games
5. Circulating support materials
6. (Ab)using the library network
7. Input/output devices
8. Mobile library catalogue access
9. Library researcher: the game
10. Interface design
11. Accelerated online multi- tasking
12. Huge real-time social networking

Jenny, is looking into bringing more gaming to libraries and the difficulties it may bring. As a gamer, somewhere I could borrow games before buying alwats sounds good to me.

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Silversprite said...

There's plenty more to read on this subject. Hot off the presses are two significant UK reports on games in education; descriptions and links from this blog posting.