Monday, September 11, 2006

Guardian Article

Novelist Susan Hill has entered the debate on the diminish book stock at UK Public libraries in a Guardian article. Hill states:-

"They [The Museums, Libraries and Archives Authority, a government agency] have been actively trying for years to get rid of books and introduce almost anything else,"

She feels senior civil servant, Mark Stevens remarks in which he said:-

"Public libraries have a vital role to play in helping local authorities achieve their communities' social, economic and environmental aspirations - they are much more than just places to borrow books."

Are indicative of the downward spiral and a decrease in public library stock.

She is supported in her comments by Tim Coates, who's Good library guide blog has been underlining the fact that library closure are imminent and book stock is diminishing. At least someone's doing something. Perhap's Cilip might say something. Well maybe not.

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