Sunday, September 24, 2006

In search of the valley goes on sale

I have just been informed that In search of the valley has just been released for sale, at $19.99. The press release of the film:-
"In Search of the Valley tells the story of three friends' personal
journey into the psyche of Silicon Valley, when in September of 2004
they swapped London for California, spending one month visiting and
talking to many of the valley's heavyweights and biggest personalities.

Directed by Steve O'Hear, and produced by Fleeta Siegel, the
resulting film is a unique interpretation of Silicon Valley – a
social fabric that has produced some of the most remarkable
technological advances of the 20th Century, and spawned an infectious
dichotomy of counterculture and entrepreneurship."

The DVD can be ordered from:
DVD order

To view the new trailer, visit:

Nice to see it released and best of luck. I hope sales go through the roof. I have an Ipod riding on this being successful.

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Rodger said...

I am putting some DVD copies up for rent on my store at iLetYou ( so more people can try out and experience the documentary. iLetYou is in Private Beta as of today, but the copies will be available to rent shortly.

Definitely recommended, cohesive viewing for anyone who wants to be inspired by the spirit (and locale) of Silicon Valley.