Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The week that was.........

Three things I never got to blog about:-

1. From Tame the web comes Ten Tech Trends for Librarians 2007. Michael Stephens considers this as :-

Sure it puts a finer point on it but it also recognizes the changes in my thinking about the essential duties of librarians:

Learn to Learn
Adapt to Change
Scan the Horizon

2. Is Tim Coates excellent blog thats trying to address the loss of British public libraries. The article entitled Bookshops and libraries. This looks at 'Of course it was never true [that booksellers and not libraries]-- not only have books shops not spread everywhere, in fact in the past 10 years they have hardly spread at all- and they certainly never spread to many of the 3,000 places in which there are public libraries-- but it was simply was never an argument that made sense. If we have a generation of people who enjoy reading and we presented them with clean attractive well-stocked public libraries, they would have used them. Instead we offered them dirty old dumps with a few dirty dog eared hardbacks that no one bothered to steal and nobody wanted them.'

3. Total unrelated but library journal has an article on the new grahic novel by Frank Miller. It looks pretty awesome.

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