Monday, March 19, 2007

Twitter........IM for the dull classes

John Blyberg has a great comment on Twitter, entitled Thank God for the (twittering) voice of reason…. I love the descroption he gives for it as follows:-
'I say Twitter is the Paris Hilton of the social web. Slutty and unfortunate. The basest manifestation of the culture and systems it represents.'
I just don't get twitter. Some people say it's great at conference, where you can network etc. But I disagree. If your networking in a conference, two things will happen. You'll network with the top experts first and foremost. Which leads to my second point. If your 'stalking' the upper hierarchyy, what happens to the other people at the conference? They get left behind. I go to a few conferences on the social web to meet and SOCIALISE with other people because thats what I thought the social web was supposed to do.

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