Monday, March 26, 2007

My five non-library blog reads

Well, as mentioned previously, Rachel Singer Gordon on liminal librarian asked which 5 non library blogs one reads. Here goes.

1. A VC blog. A VC discusses social software and sport and family.
2. Tim Anderson's Media Studies Gateway Page. A guy I bookmooched a book off months ago, gave me his blog address. The rest they say is history. Musings of a communications professor of Denison University on TV, relationships and the social web (not in that order).
3. Tom Coates blog plasticbag is always worth a read. He describes it as:-
'A weblog by Tom Coates - quitting the fire to cold complexions needing it
Concerning future media, social software, mass-amateurisation and the web of data.'

4. Jeff Jarvis' Buzzmachine for his idea's on blogging, television and the media.
5. Stephen O'hear's Social web for similar reasons to Jeff Jarvis. Though his love of Twitter is tiring.

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