Friday, February 23, 2007

Streamburst release of In search of the valley

Streamburst has just released In Search of the Valley on there website I hear.. Streamburst describes themselves as:-
Streamburst is an innovative and forward thinking company supplying services and infrastructure for the delivery of Television and Film Productions over the Internet.
Streamburst has sole focus on Download to Own content, no VOD (Video On Demand) or near-VOD services are planned at this time.
International Distributors, Production Companies and Website Operators can benefit hugely from the unique features that Streamburst offer:
New highly effective piracy deterrent methods that do not alienate or drive customers to piracy Content Delivery in Multiple Formats Servicing Multiple Devices
Brand / Market Specific Content Delivery,High Quality, Fully Managed and Professional Service.

Obviously i've discussed the film previously (here and here. Previously the film had been on DVD sales at $18 (with coupon, $20 without). So the new format sysatem, is a great breakthrough.
The release of the film has hit both Digg and techcrunch. Its also been entered onto the internet movie database. Good publicity if you can get it I say.
I really must recommend the film as I both worked on it in a minor degree and its what I consider I write about. Meeting such web 2.0 and open source luminaries as Tim O'reilly, Brian Behlendorf and Marc Canter (who has a wonderful voice. I mean he loves the sound of it). This film is well worth a look. And hell, there's extra's with it to, and at $8.

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