Thursday, December 01, 2011

Helibtech meeting at Sconul

Yesterday, I went to an Helibtech meeting at SCONUL. Helibtech:-

aim of HELibTech is to provide a starting point for anyone interested in library technology in Higher Education. Its particular focus is UK but many of the issues will be relevant elsewhere.

The meeting was arranged by Ken Chad to try and get more content editors on the Helibtech wiki. Therefore, at the meeting with some other members from Plymouth University, Canterbury University and University of West London amongst other places (I won't say who they are, as i'll explain why later).

Anyhow, in the meeting we discussed what needed to be done. How to increase interest? What we would do? Organisational stuff. We also discussed creating content biographies to put on wiki (hence no names mentioned above. I'll do that on this blog at a later date).

The good thing about it was the networking (even learning one month too late about Chrismash. Anyhow, we'll soon have more on this. Hopefully, we'll have a hashtag for the site.

Any queries etc or any thing you might thing is of interest either mention here, or better still over on the wiki.

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