Thursday, October 27, 2011

CPD Thing 11: Mentoring

I have not done anything on my 23 things for professional development since the 2nd of August. So, i'm going to trying an catch up. So here goes for CPD : Mentoring. In discussing mentoring the article looked at what a mentor is an does, which is :-

A mentor is an advisor who is usually more senior than you (ideally by 5 to 15 years), but does not have to be, and you can seek one out at any time of your career.

The article discusses both formal and informal. Informal one's within my own career have included many the people I have worked with. I've also provided informal mentoring at work myself (talking to staff about courses, qualifications and stuff to read etc).

More formal mentors may include a mentor for chartership.

The article also discusses what makes a good mentor and a mentoree.

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Kevin Barrett said...

This is a timely topic and more people should consider it a duty to teach young people the right way. I try and will encourage other friends to do more. Nice work!