Saturday, July 02, 2011

What is in a job?

I have mentioned previously that I now have one of those rare things in Librarianship. A permanent role. The role is certainly different to my previous job here and let me explain why. Previously, I was in user services department. This generally meant being able to do membership, desk duties, searching for missing books etc. The new role is working as an assistant in collection management team. The other job was good, but I prefer the collection management. The reason is:-
1. I'm constantly busy.
2. With Senate House in the midst of moving its collections I get a better understanding of the collection. As well as learning how expensive space can be.
3. I'm able to focus on one job at a time.
4. As we are a small team, and movers are in, I need to communicate better to them so that we can get everything done. This as actually been the best part so far. Improving my communication and management skills.
5. I now have a permanent role and am less stressed about waiting for my contract to be not renewed.
6. Finally, as I said in my interview, Digital libraries and collection management seem to be growth area's in librarianship (I feel). I feel (paper) collections will be retained more in depositories off site and more books become digitalisated, therefore I see a growth area in my present position.

Anyhow, the job means I'm more tired, drinking less and quit smoking.

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