Monday, July 11, 2011

23 Things for Professional Development - Thing 5 – Reflective Practice

Thing 5 – Reflective Practice is available today. This looked at:-

1. Recall it: this could be an event you’ve participated in, a project group you’ve been part of, a workshop you’ve delivered, an enquiry you’ve responded to…

2. Evaluate it: Take some time to consider these questions
What did you learn?
What did you enjoy?
What worked well?
What, if anything, went wrong?
What would you change?
What (potential) impact could this have in your workplace?

3. Apply it: Take some action. What can you practically apply from the experience you’ve had?

I often struggle in this area. I mean I read some blog post like this one recently. My blog post are sometimes the poorly planned and poorly executed. Ummmmm....

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