Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gloucestershire to appeal against public library closures

After my previous post, I noted that library users are toLegally challenge GCC cuts. Good on them. If legal redress is the only means of stopping closures then thats what we'll have to do.
Also, in my previous post I said the work FOGL had done and achieved would be 'cold comfort'. But as Gary Green said :-

Cold comfort, yes, but I think it will have inspired others to get out and fight for their libraries.

I totally agree. What I meant was I had hope the work the FOGL had done deserved a better outcome. But then they have been pretty inspirational in there campaign, so thats success.


Johanna said...

Can I just request that you make a correction please. It is not Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries who are making the legal challenge but individual library users. We did however warn the council about the illegality of their plans and launched a petition that attracted 15,000 signatures asking them to commission an independent review, which would have cost significantly less than judicial reveiw. They ignored us and now they intend to spend huge amounts of money defending themselves in court when it was not necessary to let it get to this.
Johanna (Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries)

library2.0 said...

Johanna. Apologies for the error. This has been changed.

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