Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ed Milliband criticises David Cameron's big society

Labour leader Ed Milliband has criticised the David Cameron's big society in an article entitled Ed Miliband: The Big Society: a cloak for the small state. Milliband says of libraries in the article:-

But no one can volunteer at a library or a Sure Start centre if it's being closed down. And nor can this Conservative-led government build a Big Society while simultaneously undermining its foundations with billions of pounds worth of cuts to the voluntary sector. Those are not merely numbers on a piece of paper; they affect real people.........Mr Cameron should visit the local libraries in my constituency. These are not some monolithic institutions of crude Conservative caricature. They have classes for new mums and babies, after-school activities for young people, clubs for the elderly. They are owned by government but they nurture community. And now many of them are threatened with closure.

Good to see labour putting pressure on the Con-dem policies.

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