Monday, January 17, 2011

Allan Cho post on Library 2.0

Allan Cho of Allan's Library blog has a post entitled Librarian 2.0? in which he points to a recent paper entitled Becoming 'Librarian 2.0': The Skills, Knowledge, and Attributes Required by Library and Information Science Professions in a Web 2.0 World (and Beyond) by Helen Patridge, Julie Lee, and Carrie Munro. I've not read the article (as i'm not at work and can get the publication there). Cho says :-

he authors' methodology is simple: focus groups of about 81 librarians to discuss what they think defines "Librarian 2.0." Although diverse, the answers are unnervingly clear and concise. He then list the six things that are 'unnervingly clear'. But I won't list them, as Alan puts them more concisely.

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