Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Read? Isn't that a job website......or how Britain is losing another book shop

The recent news that Borders has gone into receivership is pretty sad news. As Indigo Jo points out, the one in Kingston upon Thames Will not be taken over by Waterstones like Ottakars was, as Waterstones has a flagship store at the Bentall centre. Even sadder will be the demise of the Borders at Angel.
Therefore in recent years booksellers have diminished. As mentioned earlier, Waterstones took over Ottakars. Borders took over Books etc, and duplicate shops closed. Know Borders is to close. In some places, a bookshop will no longer exist, and Waterstones will have a virtual monopoly [unless you live in London and have Foyles or Blackwells].
Obviously, with Amazon and other virtual providers providing books this is sad news for the UK. I'll miss Borders, it provided a welcome relief after shopping at the Bentall Centre.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad at the loss of Borders. Often found they had a better range of books, especially academic books and magazines. We had a large store on an out of town retail park. Great as it was open very late. Home to book clubs and communities would meet to read and discuss over coffee. However everyone I seem to speak to says they didn't like Borders anyway. Too commericial and american apparently..whereas Waterstones is cosy and homely like a bookshop should be.

library2.0 said...

I'll miss it though especially the one in Angel, as it was open till 10pm and big. And losing a book shop is ALWAYS sad.