Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Interesting Msc Dissertation

I follow many blogs (and occassionally even get around to read them......but thats another story). One I do follow is edit subscription unsubscribe mark all new related feeds subscribers Joeyanne Libraryanne a 25 year old Resources Librarian at the University of Wolverhampton currently studying for a Masters in Information and Library Studies via distance learning.
Well, in a recent blog post she mentioned an interesting Msc theses she's hoping to write entitled Marketing UK Higher Education libraries: a current perspective. Sounds interesting, and to be honest one of my main bug bears doing my Masters is there was no Marketing module. Its good to see someone write on an important area of librarianship.

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Jo Alcock said...

Glad you think the proposed research topic is an interesting one, I hope it gets approved. I would have liked to see more marketing included in my studies too; Aberystwyth have since introduced an optional Services Marketing module which I have loaned and read through, but unfortunately it was too late for me. Marketing seems to be gathering more importance in libraries though, which to me is definitely a good thing.