Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The demise of blogging? Part 1

Meredith Farkas has an interesting over on her site entitled 'W(h)ither blogging and the library blogosphere?'. I 've discussed this previously. Meredith's article makes much sense. The uptake of twitter and microblogging seems to have cause a decline in Blogging. Many great blogs like Infotangle by Ellyssa Kroski has been replaced by her new blog ilibrarian. Other library blogs seem to have lessened in the library blogosphere, but as Walt Walt says in the comments of Merediths article :-

Great post and remarkable set of comments–and Karin, I think you’re right on the money. Twitter et al (I really dislike the term “microblogging,” but can’t win that one) have, in a way, strengthened essay-length blogging while weakening short-form blogging (maybe)–and essays have always been harder to do than quick notes.

Really worth reading it and especially the comments section. By the way, when mentioning Ellyssa I wasn't having a go at her.

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