Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zotero. Is it here to stay?

I have not really been keeping up to date lately with the blogosphere. but have heard a fair bit about Zotero (1, 2 & 3. Which is described as :-

Even though it is still in its toddler-hood, Zotero’s idea of being a bibliographic manager that runs in your browser and grabs citations on your command from lists of books or journals is still appealing. Plus, the ability to make folders for your citations from particular topics is something that EndNote (via EndNoteWeb) is finally giving in to.

Unfortunately the might of Thomsons Reuters is suing them(via Panlibus as:-

Thomson Reuters demands $10 million and an injunction to stop George Mason University from distributing its new Web browser application, Zotero software, an open-source format that allows users to convert Reuters’ EndNote Software. Reuters claims George Mason is violating its license agreement and destroying the EndNote customer base.

I better get a move on and use it then.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the poor typing - too arrogant to check.

Anonymous said...

Don't knock Thomson Reuters; they keep some of us in work...