Monday, March 17, 2008

A new beginning

I recently went for an interview at a London University library, for a six month contract initially. Having gone, I was not too confident of getting it (having done badly previously or been messed around by agencies). Thankfully, I was informed the same day I had got it. The new role will mean no shelving to. I will also be working on a new Integrated Library System (not Talis. Also, i'll be working on Bliss classification scheme, alongside Dewey. So, I am celebrating, but I am awaiting the contract so perhaps I should keep quite till I start 2 weeks time.
Starting the new job means I will be leaving North Library in Holloway, which is a shame, as the manager has been very good, and some of the users really nice. Anyhow, i'm happy. It means I can start on my chartership.

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