Monday, March 17, 2008

Nesta, Andrew Keen and Charles Leadbetter

Its been a few weeks since I wrote, so I thought I would briefly talk about the conference I was going to. This was held at the very nice Nesta building in London. Andrew Keen and Charles Leadbetter discussed there very different approaches to the web 2.0 world. Having been to a few of these before I thought Keen may face a rather pro web 2.0 audience. Wow, was I surprised. Leadbetter's view of we think (almost reminiscent of Star Trek's Borg 'we will be assimilated'). Most people felt his idea's were to vague, served little political purpose and was just not a well though out argument. Keen, on the otherhand seemed to have an easier ride (and argue his point better). Keen has the idea we need a hierarchy and used Steve Jobs as a place in point, of an individual and not the group. Well, I like Keen's argument and book, but Jobs created LISA, the impact of Steve Wozniak. I think Keen has been caught in the reality distortion field
It was a good conference and Keen offered me the opportunity to interview him for my blog which was nice of him.
BTW, I unfortunately missed Clay Shirky's talk at the RSA called Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing without Organizations, which is the name of his new book. Anyhow, couldn't go I had work.

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