Monday, June 20, 2011

Supercharge your CPD: 23 Things for Professional Development starts today

I've just joined Supercharge your CPD: 23 Things for Professional Development (which I found via here). Described as:-

23 Things for Professional Development, also known as cpd23, is a self-directed, self-paced, inclusive, practical and free online programme open to librarians and information professionals at all stages of their career, in any type of role, any sector, and from any part of the world. It encourages information professionals to explore and discover social media 'Things', including Twitter, RSS feeds and file-sharing, as well as other 'traditional' CPD routes, such as gaining qualifications, presenting skills and getting published. Participants will be asked to assess how each Thing can assist them in their professional development, and then to blog about each Thing and share their thoughts, views and expertise. The programme is completely informal and no prior knowledge or experience is expected or assumed.

The first part was to set up a blog. The second part was to investigate and comment on others. I am hoping to do the course even though my new job means i'm constantly busy.

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