Friday, March 18, 2011

Tim Wu at the RSA

I had the good fortune to here Tim Wu talk about his new book Master Switch at the RSA on wednesday. I did write about it on twitter under the following hashtag. The chair of the even was Tom Chatfield, author of Fun Inc. The Anyhow, after discussing the book and its main principles, the chair asked a few questions. The main preponderance of the discussion is whether information networks become monopolies (AT&T), closed systems (Apple) or need government to stop them stopping entrepeneurs opening up new markets because they are crushed by large ones.
The RSA is soon to release an MP3 of the event (check here for updates). I'd recommend the book to. Very interesting read.
Finally, thanks to Shane Dillion, who I had a nice chat with at the event. For a more in depth look at the event see the post here.


Shane said...

thanks for mentioning my blog post. Good meeting you as well.

Shane Dillon

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